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Rainbow Contest

Latest Update(Click to read series)

A dedication by Grade 8 students for Teachers Day 2021

Sports and leisure – Let’s form a band

A collaborative activity in Global perspectives

Our student warriors of Grade 2 have worked as a team to design and create a musical instrument and then to create a band and perform a song, sharing ideas and allocating roles.

Hindustan International Pre-School – Virtual Graduation Day Ceremony -20-21

New Collection – Asterix & Obelix SeriesClick and explore

Hindustan International School – Innovative way to Learn Symmetry by Student Warrior Helena Grade 6

Hindustan International School – Parents feedback on Virtual Classes

Hindustan International School Guindy – Republic Day 2021

HISTAR- Student Warrior Advika Sivasaravanan Pre Primary 2 Performing National Girl Child Day

Hindustan International School Guindy – Virtual Open House 2021.

Hindustan International School Guindy – Student Warrior J Jaysudharsan performing Republic Day 2021

Hindustan International School Guindy – Pongal Celebrations 2020-2021

Hindustan International School Guindy – Infrastructure and Facilities 2021

HISGuindy – Christmas Celebration The Little Elves And Santa Helpers

HISGuindy – Diwali Rendezvous

Story reading “The Wizards” by Neha Grade 3

HINDI DIWAS-Student Warriors


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What’s New….

1. The Hindu In School edition.

2. Hindi Diwas (Student’s Video).

3. Teacher Resource(only Teacher’s Can Access).

4. E-Book Geronimo Stilton Latest Collections.

5. E-Book Diary of Wimpy kid full Collections.

6. International Ozone Day (Student’s Video.

7. E-Book – Roald Dahl’s Collections.

7. E-Book – HARRY POTTER’s Collections.


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